Some of you may already know, but I, Celise Winters, have a book reviewing blog titled Incandescent Enchantments. I've decided to go one step farther, and create Enchanting Book Tours. Hopefully, with everyone's support this will become a successful idea.
Enchanting Book Tours was born on December 13, 2011. This organization or whatever you wish to call it has one main goal. To help authors out, at no cost. That's right. We don't charge cash(consider using the cash that is normally charged on a touring site for a grand prize giveaway, therefore benefiting your book and rewarding your readers). But, we also aren't professional reviewers. We will give our opinion(whether positive or negative), without making it a critical essay. It will be a fun review. We will not put down authors or insult them. Members can join at any time by filling out the form. This is not a one-man job, but a group of people who want to help authors(especially indie) out by promoting their books. We may not be the most popular blogs out there, but we will put our all into promoting your book.

May the Indie Revolution begin!