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If a member is reviewing a book or interviewing the author, he/she will receive a copy of the book to read.

Take into consideration that most of the books will be e-books, so if you have an e-reader, that is great, or if you are comfortable reading on the computer, that is good, too. But, if you only read physical copies of books, you may be limited in the books you get to read. You can still join, of course, I just want you to think about that. I'll probably find another way for you to contribute to Enchanting Book Tours.

Members will be able to add to Enchanting Book Tours. Meaning, I will make them "authors"(the ability to make a post on Enchanting Book Tours). If you find an author who wants to do a blog tour, then YOU will be given credit for finding that author. Credit is given where credit is due!

That is all I have to say about members. If you still have questions, feel free to contact me at